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Who is better allowed to comment on a device that its maker? The new iMac Pro is a wonderful piece of technology built to be a beast. 
The following images says it all.

What is there to say after all these? Nothing. However, as stated,  it would  be released and available this Fall
Today, an update for WWDC app and Bump gets an update. 

WWDC app got updated to 1.0.2 as it was noticed that the app crashes on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 when images are to be loaded at the News section of the app. 

Also, some users have experienced a bit of difficulty in streaming videos. 
Consequently, this update fixes these bugs and presents a better user experience.

Bump have been updated to 3.5.10 and its available at the App Store for download right away.

Bug fixes, performance enhancement and user experience have been stepped up. 

Go to the App Store and get the updates.

Tecno - Mobile company have made their presence felt in Nigeria and they are determined to go head to head with Samsung to see that they grab their share of the Nigerian market when it comes to smartphones. Already, they have highjacked lower end sales of phones from Nokia and they are now ready to move head on to the Smartphone battle ground as far as Nigeria is concerned.

Recently, it was the release of Tecno N7 that people couldn't stop talking about due to what was packed into the smartphone. However, they didn't stop there, they move on to produce Tecno Phantom A which was even more dashing than Tecno N7 due to its specifications which is twice as better than the N7.

Now, Tecno have moved on to produce its first Tablet known has the Tecno Phantom N9 Pad. See the images below with more on the way soon.

This pad is a 8 inch white sleek body tablet running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 with Kernel version 3.4.5. Its a quad core 1.2GHz CPU tablet with 5mp rear camera and 2.0mp front camera.
For now, only the white version is available. It has a silver back plat with speakers and camera embedded.

Below are the detailed Specifications of this tablet and it is scheduled to be released by end of June.

Model: Tecno Phantom N9

Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Network: 3G/2G 

Band: GSM 900/ DCS 1800/WCDMA 2100 MHz

Dimension: 204 x 154 x 9.9 mm

Display: 8.0 inch capacity Touch screen

Resolution: 768 x 1024

Processor: Quad Core 1.2 GHz CPU

Camera: 5.0 MP back camera and 2.0MP front camera

Audio Format: MP3, MIDI, AMR, WAV, AAC

Video Format: MP4, 3GP, AVI

Memory: 16 GB ROM with MicroSD Slot to expand to 32GB

RAM: 1.0 GB

Messaging and SNS: Gmail, Facebook

Connectivity: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB, 3.5mm Earphone Jack

Battery Capacity: 4500mAh

Talk Time: Up to 8hrs

Standby Time: Up to 500hrs

Sensor: G Sensor

SIM : Single SIM

Tentatively this device would sell between 35 - 40k in Naira according to my source.

Pros: Its running Android Jelly Bean, camera is good, RAM and ROM are good and the price is considerate

Cons: Battery life for tab should be higher, Resolution is not HD 

Its not bad. Its going to be a welcome device and am sure Nigerians would by it, especially those that want a tablet and don't want to spend so much to get an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

What are your own verdict concerning the specs?
Apple devices are set to get a new version of iOS. At the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference, iOS 7 was announced to the world. It’s being called “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” It’s packed with amazing new features and a brand new interface.

The new iOS has a new palette of colors, distinct functional layers to develop hierarchy and order within the operating system. It also includes a sense of translucency to provide better context of your information designed to show more depth and vitality. The iPhone responding to your movements provides a parallax of depth and in many ways was designed to create an interface that was unobtrusive and differential, according to Apple’s Jony Ive.

Users with iOS7 will find that the typography and the liveliness of the home screen is apparent. The operating system carries over throughout the system the liveliness of the information so that it follows your every movement. The design has been made so that it works best with all the apps that you’ve used, including photos, messages, and an improved Game Center. The design of app folders have also been redesigned as well.

iOS 7 has been a “comprehensive, end-to-end, redesign of your iPhone experience” and is considered to be a feature release:

Control Center

iOS7 now lets you swipe up from the device and get to the controls that you want right away, whether you want to play a song, turn on airplane mode, turn on a flashlight, or whatever else. Users can access it from anywhere, including the lock screen.


iOS7 has been built on industrial strength of OS X. Apple says that they’re all about supporting longer battery life when an app is running. With iOS7, multi-tasking will be available for all apps with greater battery life. Including intelligent scheduling, opportunistic updates, adapts to network conditions, and has push triggers.


Safari is said to be the most popular mobile browser and now comes with a new full screen. Users can tap at the top to get a smart search field with one-tap access to their favorites and search URLs. It also includes parental controls and iCloud keychain that also comes with Apple’s new OS Mavericks.


Apple’s way to share files with people around them. When accessed, the app will pull up a share sheet where you can send photos, videos, and files with your friends and can pass it along to multiple people. In a bit of a pot shot at Samsung, Apple says that iOS device users will not have to bump devices.

It uses the latest WiFi hardware and supports iPhone 5, iPad (4th Generation). iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (5th Generation).


iOS7 comes with new camera support that allows users to swipe between multiple camera apps, whether it’s Instagram, the native app, or any others. Apple also just added filters.

New Photo App

In order to help better organize photos into Moments, Apple has unveiled a new Photos app that is automatically generated as you shoot. With a retina display, it’s believed that users can make out patterns. The device can help you remember when specific photos have been taken. Photos can also be shared through Airdrop through Facebook, iCloud, Twitter, and email. Shared photo streams can also be made allowing people to collaborate when they’re on trips.

Videos can also be shared with friends.


Siri has also been updated with iOS7 with new voices, both male and female, and additional language support for French and Spanish. Apple says that it has gotten a lot smarter and can control device settings like Voicemail, brightness, Bluetooth, and more. Microsoft’s Bing search engine has also been integrated, as has Twitter and Wikipedia support.

The company says that it has sold more than 600 million iOS devices and people are using the devices more than anyone else. Cook says that just like as customers buy more apps, they are buying more iPhone and iPad devices, citing a IBM study of Black Friday mobile shopping last year. At their event, Cook said that iOS satisfaction is measured at 97 percent and that it has been rated number one in customer satisfaction according to J.D. Powers & Associate nine consecutive times.

At last year’s conference, Apple revealed that there were approximately 365 million iOS devices in the world and 80 percent of them had moved to iOS 6, which was also released then. The current version of iOS offers users updates to Siri, sports capabilities, better search features, and international language support for Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German, and Korean.

Today, the latest version of iOS is now being used by more than 90 percent of all its users. Cook compared it against the Android marketplace where 1/3 of all Google device users are on an OS that was released in 2010.

More Images: Link


At the WWDC 2013 opening session yesterday, Apple WOW the whole world with the new iOS 7 that was unveiled. Although, the rumor of a flat iOS User Interface (UI) had been in the air weeks before the unveiling, yet we were not ready for what was to be. In fact, mock ups were just tardy compared to the original thing.

John Ive, who is the man in charge of this iOS 7 design have made his mark and we are ready to gulp in this new iOS UI. Below are set of images to keep you surprised with your mouth watering.

This iOS 7 is design to be simple, colorful and vibrant. A whole new iOS that will bring out the color and charm in the iPhone, iPad and iPod. 
According to Apple, iOS 7 would only be for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod 5th generation, iPad 3, iPad mini. Also, AirDrop is only supported for iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

A small comparison to iOS 7, Android Jelly Bean 4.2 , Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry OS 10

That is our take on this design. It is good, colorful, and thoughtful. A whole lot have been changed: icons, notification centre, multi tasking pane etc. 

What are your opinions?

Download links (for Apple developers only):

Monday, June 10, 2013

The wait to see what Apple have in store for us as regards the new iOS, new OS X, iPhone, iPad, iMac pro and iPod is almost over.
Today by 10am (Cupertino time) WWDC 2013 would kick off. This is what many have been waiting for and can't wait for it to start.

Highlight of the program of event is the unveiling of the next version of the mobile operating software iOS 7, followed by OS X and iRadio.

Talking of iOS 7, which is where the excitement is, John Ive, who is the chief developer and architect of the iOS 7 would be on the spotlight due to the radical change that he's implementing from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Already a mockup of iOS 7 was made by the guys at 9to5mac after they had a sneak peek into the beta version of iOS 7.

According to this image, somethings can be deduced even though we are sure that this mockup doesn't even represent 30% look alike of the original thing.

First, we are now very sure that a flat UI is to be expected.

Second, colours would be rich and abundant in iOS 7.

Finally, familiar icons like Game centre would have a new icon.

As far as speculations go, it will end soon when WWDC starts an we can begin to see the main thing.

As usual, we shall keep you posted on all things going down at the WWDC 2013. So stay tuned to this page. 

What do you think about this iOS 7 mockup image?
Since the announcement that Blackberry messenger for android and iPhone are on the way for release this year by Blackberry CEO, people have become edgy and are seriously awaiting this release.
In fact, the popular question i keep hearing is "is it out yet?"

The popular rumor flying on the Internet right now is that BBM is scheduled to be released for June 27 (3wks time). 
This rumor was as a result of someone from T-Mobile UK putting up a tweet during the weekend that Blackberry would release BBM for June 27th 2013.

However, Blackberry (RIM) have stated that they have no plan to release BBM at the said date and that its only a rumor. 

Already, testing of the messaging app is on going as shown by the images below.
One is Samsung Galaxy S3 and the other is iPhone 4S.

Galaxy S3 running the BBM app

iPhone 4S running bbm

We are speculating that this app may be ready for release come early July.

Also, there's high probability that it won't be a life time free offer like the ones on Blackberry devices and maybe charged yearly just like Whatsapp for Android and iPhone users. 

What do you think about BBM for android and iPhone? Share your opinions by dropping your comments.
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